Our Teams

Our multilingual travel specialists and expert tour guides can help you with guided tours in German, English, French, Spanish and other select languages, as well as self-drive tours or completely customised itineraries.

If you are looking for a reliable Destination Management Company (DMC) in Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia and Georgia to provide exceptional travel experiences of the Central and Southern Europe – contact our professional team today, we would love to help.

Founder, CEO

As the CEO spearheading agricultural tours across Central and Southern Europe, I am committed to curating immersive and insightful experiences. With a focus on sustainability and cultural exchange, I lead our team in crafting memorable journeys that celebrate the region's rich agricultural heritage.

Project Manager Europe

As the project manager overseeing agricultural tours in Central and Sothern Europe, I ensure seamless organization and unforgettable experiences for every group. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for showcasing Central and Sothern Europe agricultural heritage, I strive to create enriching journeys that leave a lasting impression.

Country Manager Georgia

As the project manager orchestrating agricultural tours in Georgia, I meticulously coordinate every aspect to ensure exceptional experiences. With a focus on showcasing Georgia's agricultural landscape and heritage, I am dedicated to creating memorable journeys for every group.

Travel Guide

Fluent in French and adept at agricultural exploration, I specialize in guiding groups through Poland's farming landscapes. Let me lead you on a journey to discover the rich agricultural heritage of Poland en français!

Travel Guide

I'm a bilingual travel guide fluent in English and Spanish, specializing in leading agricultural groups. With expertise in both languages and a passion for farming, I offer immersive experiences tailored to agricultural enthusiasts.

Travel Guide

Fluent in French, English, and Spanish, I specialize in guiding agricultural groups, offering multilingual support and enriching experiences. Let me lead your agricultural expedition with seamless communication and a passion for exploration.

Travel Gudie

Patrick is a veteran trekking guide. He has been frequently working with us since 2017. He is dedicated to his job honestly.

Travel Guide

Anna, a very young, friendly, and energetic. She one the most trust worthy guide of our company.

Travel Guide

Simon is originally from the Southern part of Europe. He has been actively working in the tourism sector for 25 years.

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