Irsih Poptato farmers in Poland

A Successful International Farm Tour from Dublin to Poznań

The farm tour, which took place from January 19th to 22nd, 2024, aimed to immerse participants in the vibrant agricultural landscape of Poznań, a city in western Poland.

The Agro Tour Experience:

The program offered a diverse range of agricultural experiences, including:

  • Technical Farm Visits: Participants gained insights into modern farming practices through visits to a large-scale potato and onion farm and a family-run grain farm specializing in wheat, sugar beets, and rapeseed. These farm tour included meetings with farm owners and insights into production techniques.
  • Culinary Exploration: The Poznań Food Tour provided a delightful blend of sightseeing and local cuisine. Participants savored carefully curated meals at three different restaurants, learning about Polish food traditions and participating in interactive activities.
  • Seed Production Expertise: A visit to Plant Breeding factory showcased seed cultivation practices for wheat, legumes, and grasses.
  • Industry Showcase: Participation in the International Agricultural Fair POLAGRA PREMIERY allowed attendees to witness the latest innovations in agricultural equipment, products, and trends across Central and Eastern Europe.

Overwhelmingly Positive Feedback:

Following the study tour, participants provided overwhelmingly positive feedback, highlighting the program’s success. Key takeaways include:

  • High Overall Satisfaction: The total satisfaction score obtained from participants was an impressive 79.2%, demonstrating that the tour was well-organized, informative, and enjoyable.
  • Technical Visits Appreciated: Participants particularly valued the agricultural site visits, with an average rating of 76.9%. The potato farm visit on the first day received the highest individual score, averaging 84.6%.
  • Exceptional Tour Guide: The tour guide received outstanding feedback, averaging 91.7%. This suggests participants found them knowledgeable, professional, and instrumental in enhancing the overall experience.
  • Excellent Accommodation and Transportation: Participants were highly satisfied with the provided accommodation (78.1%) and transportation services (92.1%), indicating their appreciation for comfort, location, and logistical efficiency.


This international agricultural tour served as a resounding success, fostering a deep appreciation for Polish agriculture among participants. With its focus on immersive experiences, diverse learning opportunities, and high-quality logistics, the program stands as a prime example of a well-executed agritourism venture.

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