Blueberry Tour to Western Ukraine 

4 Days
  • 2-40
  • Bus, airplane
  • 3 or 4 Stars Hotels
  • Easy
  • Lviv
  • Lviv
  • Summer, Autumn, Spring
  • Agricultural Study Tour, Sightseeing
  • English, Spanish, French, German
  • Full-board


The Blueberry Tour to Western Ukraine offers farmers an immersive experience focused on blueberry production, featuring visits to farms, processing facilities, and storage areas. Participants will engage in hands-on learning, networking opportunities, and cultural experiences, showcasing the region’s agricultural richness and traditional charm. From exploring mechanized farming techniques to savoring regional cuisine, this itinerary combines educational insights with memorable moments, providing a comprehensive understanding of blueberry cultivation while enjoying the scenic beauty of Western Ukraine.


Morning: 🛬 Arrival at the designated meeting point in Ukraine. Transfer to the hotel/accommodation. Welcome briefing and overview of the itinerary. Introductions and networking session among participating farmers. Light breakfast served during the briefing.

Afternoon: 🫐 Visit to the first blueberry farm. Guided tour of the farm, focusing on cultivation techniques, harvesting methods, and post-harvest handling. Interaction with the farm owners/operators to exchange experiences and insights. Tasting session of various blueberry varieties grown on the farm. Lunch at a local restaurant, featuring regional specialties. Transfer to the second blueberry farm.

Evening: 🫐 Guided tour of the second blueberry farm. Exploration of processing facilities and storage areas. Discussions on packaging, distribution, and marketing strategies. Networking dinner with representatives from both farms. Return to the hotel/accommodation for overnight stay.

Morning: 🫐 Breakfast at the hotel. Visit to a larger-scale blueberry farm. Comprehensive tour of the farm, emphasizing mechanized farming techniques and advanced technologies. Discussions on scalability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in blueberry production. Interaction with farm managers and experts for Q&A session.

Afternoon: 🫐 Lunch at a local eatery, offering traditional Ukrainian cuisine. Visit to a family-owned blueberry farm. Personalized tour led by the farm owners, highlighting traditional farming practices and sustainable approaches. Hands-on activities such as picking blueberries or participating in farm chores. Exchange of best practices and challenges faced by small-scale farmers.

Evening: 🧭 Free time for relaxation or optional activities. Dinner at a restaurant specializing in farm-to-table dishes. Cultural evening featuring traditional Ukrainian music and dance performances. Return to the hotel/accommodation for overnight stay.

Morning: 🧭 Breakfast at the hotel. Visit to a local market to experience the vibrant agricultural trade. Interaction with blueberry vendors and producers at the market. Purchase of fresh produce and souvenirs.

Afternoon: 🫐 Lunch at a countryside restaurant, offering panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. Optional visit to a nearby orchard or vineyard for those interested in diversifying their agricultural ventures. Leisurely drive through scenic routes, passing through picturesque villages and natural landmarks.

Evening: 🍽️ Farewell dinner at a traditional Ukrainian tavern. Recap and reflections on the blueberry tour experience. Exchange of contact information for continued networking. Presentation of certificates of participation. Evening stroll or relaxation at the hotel.

Day 4 :

Morning: 🛫 Breakfast at the hotel. Check-out and transfer to the airport or onward destination. End of the Blueberry Tour to Western Ukraine.


  • Full business program
  • Accommodation in 4* hotels
  • Meals indicated in the program
  • Professional translation during all the visits
  • Cultural program: sightseeing indicated in the program
  • Set of information materials
  • Prompt responses to any questions!
  • Throughout the Management tour you are accompanied by representatives of InConventus company, which guarantee a high level of service and compliance the actual program of the visit, stated in the itinerary.

Not Included

  • International and domestic flights
  • InsuImmersive Farm Visitrance

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Blueberry Tour to Western Ukraine 
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