Study Tour Gardenia Fair Poznan

3 Days
Unveiling Expertise Beyond the Exhibition: Explore Gardenia Fair with In-Depth Study Tour

Welcome international visitors! While Gardenia Fair 2024 promises an unforgettable exhibition experience, we invite you to delve deeper with our exclusive Study Tour Program.

  • 200 EUR
  • Flight tickets
  • 5 participants
  • 2 nights in 3* hotel
  • English
  • Half-Board
  • Fair Tickets & Study Visits
  • 5


For those seeking a convenient exploration beyond the fairgrounds, we offer exciting Day Bus Tours to destinations as close as Poznań. These tours delve into various horticultural subjects, from the intricacies of grafting to the science of irrigation and fertilizers.


– 🛬 Arrival to Poznań
– 🚖 Transfer to Gardenia Fair by taxi (not included)
– 🤝 Participation in the exhibition
– 🍽 Lunch at the restaurant on the territory of Gardenia Fair
– 🏨 Check-in the 3* hotel

07:00 – 🍽 Breakfast at the hotel
09:00 – 🚶‍♂️ Walking (15 min) to Gardenia Fair
09:30 – 🤝 Full day Participation in the exhibition
13:00 – 🍽 Lunch at the restaurant on the territory of Gardenia Fair
17:00 – 🚶‍♂️ Walking back to the hotel (15 min)

07:00 – 🍽 Breakfast at the hotel 

08:00 – 🛎 Check out the hotel. Meeting at the reception of the hotel with the English-speaking guide. 

08:30 – 🚍 Transfer to the technical visit. 

09:00 – 🪴Visit to the Garden Center. Step into the world of horticultural passion during the visit to the Garden Center. Here, you'll meet a team united by their love for plants and the beauty of nature. Garden Center enthusiasts delight in every aspect of plant life - from budding trees and shrubs to blooming flowers and autumn leaves turning golden in the sun. 

During your visit, you'll experience:

  • Expert guidance: Garden Center's knowledgeable staff is always ready to share their gardening expertise and offer assistance.
  • Quality plants: Garden Center takes great care in nurturing all its plant material before it reaches Clients' hands.
  • Diverse product range: Explore Garden Center wide selection of garden accessories, including:
  • Garden pots in various styles, from exotic teak wood to classic ceramics – Gabions and indoor planters
  • Decorative elements like sculptures and fountains 

10:00 – 🚍 Transfer to the next farm visit. 

10:30 – 🌳✂︎ Visit a Nursery specializing in the Grafting of deciduous trees, Ornamental Trees and Shrub Production. Nursery stands as a pioneer in the Wielkopolska region, being one of the few private establishments of its kind at the time. For more than half a century, the Nursery has dedicated itself to the art and science of cultivating superior ornamental trees and shrubs. 

Evolution of Nursery: From Humble Beginnings to Comprehensive Horticulture Nursery's journey reflects continuous growth and diversification:

Initial Focus:

• Small-scale production of coniferous and deciduous shrubs

Expanded Operations:

  • Seedling production
  • Grafting of deciduous trees
  • Rose budding Growth and Diversification:Increased land area allowed for greater plant variety and quantity
  • Mechanization improved cultivation techniques and plant quality Professional Recognition:Registered with the Polish Nurserymen Association Strategic


  • 1995: Land acquisition in Skałowo near Kostrzyn (Poznań area)
  • 2008: Establishment of Agroapis company Wholesale plant sales Landscaping services (design, implementation, maintenance) 

Market Position:

  • Well-recognized brand due to long-standing tradition
  • Extensive experience in plant cultivation and landscape design 

12:00 – 🚍 Transfer to the next farm visit.

13:00 – 🌿 Visit another Nursery and learn about a Journey of Growth and Excellence Since 1986

Key Milestones and Features:


  • Founded in 1986 
  • Initial focus: Fruit trees for orchards

Official Recognition: 

  • Registered with the State Plant Health and Seed Inspection Service

Evolution and Expansion: 

Early 1990s: 

  • Increased production for orchardists
  • Added large-scale rose bush cultivation

Current Partnerships:

  • Orchardists
  • Urban landscape architects
  • Garden Centers (key business partners)


  • Container-grown fruit trees and shrubs for improved transplant success
  • Modern agricultural and horticultural equipment
  • State-of-the-art cold storage facility for optimal climate control
  • Customer Focus:
  • Each plant labeled with essential information as required by PIORiN

This nursery has evolved from a specialized fruit tree producer to a comprehensive plant supplier, meeting the diverse needs of professionals and enthusiasts alike.

15:00 – 🚍 Transfer back to Poznan/airport.

17:00 – 🧭 Poznań city tour (for those who stay extra night in Poznan)



Cost Includes:

  • – Flights
  • – Accommodation in 3* Hotel (2 nights during Gardenia Fair dates)
  • – Half board during 2 days of Exhibition
  • – Tickets to Gardenia Fair
  • – Services of English-speaking guide on the whole route on Day 3
  • – Professional English translations during all the visits on Day 3
  • – Business program on Day 3: 3 study visits
  • – Transportation on the whole route on Day 3
  • – Poznań city tour on Day 3

Cost Excludes:

  • – Transfer to Gardenia Fair by taxi (on Day 1)
  • – an extra night of accommodation besides 2 nights indicated in the included services
  • – meals on day 3
  • – personal expenses
What travel costs are covered?

We cover flight costs for 5 members of the association.

Do we need to arrange our own flights?

Please contact us for details on flight arrangements – we take cae about all the issues, you won’t pay for flight tickets.

Is accommodation included?

Yes, we provide 2 nights of accommodation during the fair dates.

What dates does the accommodation cover?

The 2 nights of accommodation coincide with the fair dates.

Are meals included?

Half-board meals are provided during the exhibition period.

What does half-board include?

Half-board typically includes breakfast and lunch at the fair exhibition restaurant.

Is local transportation included?

Local transportation is partially included:

  • Day 1: Taxi from the airport to the fair is not included. You can use BOLT or UBER, which will cost approximately 5-10 EUR. From the fair to the hotel, it’s a short 15-minute walk.
  • Last day: The cost of the bus for study visits is included in the package.

Would the cost for all participants from our Association be covered? If not, for how many?

  • Currently, we cover costs for 5 members from your organization.
  • The main criteria for participants are:
    • They must be members of your organization
    • They should represent different companies/nurseries/gardening centers/wholesale networks.
    • They should not all be from one company or solely from your organization’s team

What is the study tour and what kind of topics could be covered?

  • The study tour is an educational program designed to provide insights into various aspects of horticulture and nursery management.
  • Basic program includes:
    • Grafting techniques
    • Irrigation systems
    • Fertilizer applications
  • Customization options:
    • We can create a tailored program according to your specific requests and interests.
    • Please note that customized programs may incur additional costs not covered in the initial proposal.
  • If you have specific topics of interest, please let us know so we can discuss the possibilities and any associated extra costs.


200 EUR/person

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Study Tour Gardenia Fair Poznan
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