GeoGatherers: Adventure Awaits!

3 Hours

Embark on a geocaching adventure in Poznań! Use GPS to find hidden puzzles, uncovering the city’s secrets while staying active and engaged.

  • English


Based on geocaching, teams use GPS to find hidden caches with puzzles. Explore Poznań and its surroundings while staying active and engaged!

Trip Highlights

  • Joy of Discovery: Geocaching transforms into a team-building game, where participants hunt for caches using GPS, uncovering fascinating places.
  • Smart Caches: Some caches are cleverly locked, requiring teamwork or logical puzzles to open, adding challenges and excitement.
  • Urban and Green Areas: The game unfolds in diverse locations, offering participants adventure in both natural settings and urban environments.


1. Geo-caching adventure for corporate team-building.
2. Explore Poznań's scenic spots and beyond.
3. Smartly designed caches offer engaging challenges.
4. Ideal for groups seeking outdoor, active fun.
5. Professional GPS devices and bilingual support.
6. Hidden surprises await in each cache.

What's Included:

  • GPS devices for each team.
  • Intriguing caches with puzzles.
  • Game support in English.
  • Mini rewards hidden in the caches.

Cost Excludes:

  • Extra tourist attractions outside the game.
  • Transportation costs to the game location.
  • Any additional services like photography.

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GeoGatherers: Adventure Awaits!
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