Poznań QR Code: Multimedia Urban Game

2 Hours

Discover Poznań’s secrets with Poznań QR Code City Game! Scan QR codes, solve puzzles, and compete in teams for a fun, immersive experience. Perfect for corporate outings, fostering teamwork and exploration with just your smartphone or tablet!

  • English
  • Poznań Market Square


Uncover Poznań’s hidden gems with the Poznań QR Code City Game! Solve puzzles, complete challenges, and enjoy a unique team experience using your smartphone or tablet. Perfect for corporate events and team building!

Trip Highlights

  • Explore Poznań with multimedia technology
  • Perfect for team outings & city exploration
  • Interactive tasks & team competition
  • Learn about city's history & culture
  • Enhances teamwork & city discovery


1. Players receive instructions and are divided into teams.
2. Each team receives a smartphone with internet access.
3. Players move around the Old Market Square, looking for marked locations.
4. Upon finding a location, they scan the QR code and complete a task related to the site.
5. Successfully completing a task grants access to the next one.
6. Tasks may involve math, logic puzzles, photography challenges, etc.
7. The game ends after visiting all locations or when a set time limit expires.
8. Teams earn points for completing tasks.
9. The winner is the team with the most points or the first to reach the final location.
10. The game concludes with a team-building session or an award ceremony.

What's Included:

  • Rental of smartphones or tablets with internet access for each team.
  • Access to interactive tasks and multimedia at each location.
  • Services of a game coordinator to assist in case of difficulty.
  • Team integration during gameplay and sightseeing in Poznań.

Cost Excludes:

  • Personal expenses such as transportation to and from the starting location.
  • Any additional food or beverages during the game.
  • Optional extras or add-ons not specified in the standard package.

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Poznań QR Code: Multimedia Urban Game
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